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Spread that SOUND

because not all bands are on MTV
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Spread that Sound is a community to help promote both unknown and semi-known bands. Here you can discuss tour dates, review concerts or CDs, or just talk about the band itself. Anything, really, to help promote the band.
All I ask is that you read the rules, and tell everyone about us!

Every community has rules to make sure everything says in order. Spread that Sound is no different. I ask that you follow these rules and keep this community in good manner. :]

  • Absolutely no bashing whatsoever. We don’t all have the same taste in music or likes in artist, and I want you to understand that. So what if you don’t like that band or you think it ‘sux’ don’t share it with us. We want to promote bands, not de-promote them.
  • Do not bother posting anything on large and very well-known bands. How do you know if they’re big or not? Well if you see them constantly on television or hear them on the radio a lot, they’re most likely pretty well-known. Plus, why bother promoting bands that have enough promotion coming from the television and radio?
  • Pictures larger than 300x300 need to be behind cut. Also if you have more than one picture. Please, it’ll save our layout and your friend’s list.
  • If you’re talking about a ‘friend’s band’ or any local garage band, be sure that you provide links that’ll lead us to at least one of their songs. Sorry, but if you can’t hear their music, it’s hard to ‘get into them.‘
    Uploading your music onto Sendspace and other music uploading sites and providing the link works too.
  • It’s not necessary, but it’d be wonderful if you provide as many links for the band. We’d really appreciate it.
  • All community promotions have to go behind a cut.


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