The Last Vegas

Here is a new band to check out if you like rock-- think Motley Crue, Slipknot, Korn, etc.

A little bit about the band--
"In front of a capacity crowd at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go, complete with music industry tastemakers, Guitar Center and Mötley Crüe selected The Last Vegas from Chicago, IL, as the winner of Guitar Center On-Stage last night. Over the past eight weeks, bands across the United States submitted their music at makerockhistory.com. From close to 8000 submissions, 30 semi-finalists were selected, which were then narrowed down to the six top undiscovered bands in the country, with The Last Vegas prevailing as the one band chosen for the ultimate, career altering opportunity — the chance to open on tour for rock icons, Mötley Crüe."

• Nate Arling (drums)
• Adam Arling (guitar)
• Chad Cherry (lead vocals)
• Johnny Wator (guitar)
• Danny Smash (bass)

Here is a link if you want to check out their website & listen to some of their music!!


The Last Vegas website

DANADAX - "DAXSCAPES II" has been released (dark ambient/noise). (x-posted)

Archive.org download page.

Whereas the material for DANADAX's first LP "DAXSCAPES I" spanned several years, the tracks on the project's second LP reach even further into the past and further into the future. Some of the cuts on "DAXSCAPES II" were made during the time DANADAX's first 2 EPs were recorded (back in late 2004). A heavy majority of the tracks on "DAXSCAPES II" were created during the same sessions for "DAXSCAPES I," (2005 - 2007) and even a few tracks on the second LP were created a year after the first was released (2007 - 2008).

Of special note, which I (Curtis) feel I must include here, "Danger In A Dark Room (Version 2)" was created in mid-to-late 2005, during a time when DANADAX was temporarily a three-person project. Most of the samples were originally recorded by Curtis Whatley and James Westberry. The samples were then given to Curtis D. Cousins (the sole constant member of DANADAX) to manipulate and mix together, while throwing in a few of his own sounds as well. He made several mixes from the same set of samples. The second version in the set of mixes ended up being the agreed-upon final cut amongst the three.

All visual artwork was created by Curtis D. Cousins.

DANADAX's Myspace page: myspace.com/danadaxnoise
me now dec 2011

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hey hey hey

my name's Caitlin Plush ... I used to make organic music. but now i make electronic music.... my project is called tongue in cheek. I'd really appreciate some adds, some listeners... it's dancey, it's experimental, it's ambient, it's white noise, it's very distorted, you can definitely groove to it sitting down, or on your feet...


merry meet and any adds are welcome, especially strangers!!!
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...I promise it's good ;)

Lined with Asbestos

Name: Lined with Asbestos
Genre: Electro-Acoustic, Down-tempo, Electronica, EBM/Industrial
Info: New band from Australia, we're currently looking for people who might enjoy our music, have a look.

Be sure to add us!


Lined with Asbestos

To All Music Lovers/Musicians

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After making the two DANADAX EPs on the Intelligent Machinery Productions netlabel (http://www.intelligentmachinery.com; EPs: "Trips Into Places Unknown" and "Consciousness in Shifts of Decay"), DANADAX became a one member project for about one year. Then, a two-member version of DANADAX was tried again, but not much ever came from it. Eventually, I, Curtis, was forced to realize DANADAX was just going to be consisted of myself. After planning so many different tracks for the first LP (I kept changing my ideas and my mind), I eventually got worn out of creating new ideas for the first album (whenever I got a new idea, I discarded the old idea). This left me with a bunch of various tracks with not one central, tied, connected theme. So, I decided to throw some of these tracks together and call them "DAXSCAPES I" which basically alludes to the many different and varying soundscapes (mostly consisting of noise and dark ambient) made by my DANADAX project. I have made enough of these tracks to fill up several albums, so expect a "DAXSCAPES II" in the future. I started my first idea for an LP of my DANADAX material way back in 2003, and it is 2007 now, so that's 4 years of material sitting on my hard drive. I think it's about time to share some of these tracks. I hope you enjoy. Remember, there will be a "DAXSCAPES II."

You can download the whole album here.